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  1.How long have you been married? 你们结婚多久了?

  2.We’ve been married for years. 我们结婚两年了。

  3.My parents got married in 我父母年结婚的。

  4.Mary gave birth to a baby last week. 玛丽上星期做妈妈了。

  5.They’ve been divorced. 他们已离婚了。

  6.His wife died a year ago. Now he lives alone. 他妻子去年去世了。现在他一个人住。

  7.My aunt will come to live with me for a few days. 我阿姨会来和我住一些日子。

  8.John has his own family now. 约翰现在有自己的家了。

  9.Do you live with your parents? 你和你父母住一起吗?

  10.No. I live in my own house. 不,我住在自己的房子里。

  11.Do you know Mary? 你认识玛丽吗?

  12.Sure. We have been friends since primary school. 当然,我们从小学就是朋友了。

  13.Really? I was introduced to her just last weekend. 真的?上周末我才被介绍给她。

  14.What is she doing now? 她现在干些什么呢?

  15.She told me she wanted to start a company. 她告诉我她想开公司。

  16.Start a company? But I thought she would be a scholar. 开公司?我原以为她会成为一个学者

  17.People are always changing, aren’t they? 人总是在变,不是吗?

  18.Yes, you’re right. After all, she is smart enough to go into business. 是啊,你说的对。毕竟,她完全有经商才智。

  19.But she doesn’t have much experience. 但她没有太多经验。

  20.You two don’t have much contact? 你们俩没怎么联系吗?

  21.No, I only wrote her one letter this year. 是的,今年我才给她写过一封信。

  22.And her? 她呢?

  23.She sent me a Christmas card last year. 去年寄过一张圣诞卡。

  24.Oh, that’s not good. 哦,那可不好。

  25.Yes, we should try to contact more. 是的,我们应该联系多点。

  26.What time are you going to leave for the airport tomorrow? 你明天打算什么时候去机场?

  27.Is he coming to dinner? 他回来吃饭吗?

  28.I’m going to the bookstore. Will you go with me? 我要去书店,你和我去吗?

  29.They’re going to discuss it at the meeting next Friday. 他们将在下周五的会上讨论这个问题。

  30.I’ll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow. 我明天这时候在餐馆等你。

  31.After I get home, I’ll call you. 到家以后,我会给你打电话。

  32.How will you spend the evening? 你晚上干什么?

  33.I’ll probably stay home and watch TV. 我可能会呆在家看电视。

  34.What’s your plan for the summer holiday? 暑假计划干什么?

  35.I’m thinking about a visit to Paris. 我在考虑去巴黎旅游。

  36.There’s going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery. 艺术馆将有一次陶瓷展。

  37.You are still thinking about a Ph.D., aren’t you? 你还是想学成博士,是吗?

  38.What will you do about it? 你会拿这事怎么办?

  39.What do you want to do after graduation? 你毕业后想干什么?

  40.I’ll further my study. 我想继续深造。

  41.Have you heard the weather forecast? 你听天气预报了吗?

  42.No, what does it say? 没有,它说什么了?

  43.We’ll have fine weather for the next few days. 以后几天天气晴朗。

  44.But it’s still raining today! 可今天还在下雨。

  45.It is said it will clear up tonight. 天气预报说今晚雨就会停。

  46.What will it be after the clear weather? 晴天以后天气会怎么样?

  47.It says a storm may come next month. 天气预报说下个月会有一场暴风雨。

  48.And it may get colder, it’s already November. 并且天气会更冷。

  49.Yes, and I hope we can have some snow this winter. 是的,我希望今年冬天会下雪。

  50.I’m afraid it won’t be cold enough for a snowfall. 我恐怕天不会冷的下雪。

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